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This site was created to provide a forum for girls to provide their fans personal items, or companies to offer goods for sale, in a safe and secure environment.

By registering on the site as either a buyer or a seller you are agreeing to accept, abide by and be bound by all the Terms & Conditions of the site. GingerLynnAuctions.com reserves the right to change or add to the Terms & Conditions of the site.

Sellers agree to pay all applicable fees associated with their auctions. Sellers are required to provide a current credit card in the user account to be able to sell on GingerLynnAuctions.com. By providing this credit card information sellers grant their explicit approval for GingerLynnAuctions.com to charge their credit card for all fees incurred. Please see the Fee section of the website for a listing of fees. A valid credit card must be provided at all times.

Sellers are responsible for accurately describing their items for sale. GingerLynnAuctions.com reserves the right to edit, change or cancel auctions it deems inappropriate at its sole discretion. Sellers agree not to hold GingerLynnAuctions.com or any individuals or affiliates of GingerLynnAuctions.com liable for any damages which may be incurred due to the editing, changing, or cancelation of an auction.

Sellers may include a link to a personal website in an item description provided that a link to GingerLynnAuctions.com is also provided on the website being promoted. Sellers who do not include a reciprical link on their website will have their auctions edited or cancelled at GingerLynnAuctions.com sole discretion. Websites referred to in any description of any auction must comply with all relevant state and federal laws. GingerLynnAuctions.com retains the right, at its sole discretion, to determine if the site referred to is appropriate. If GingerLynnAuctions.com determines that the website referred to is not appropriate, Seller agrees to remove any reciprical link from the website immediately and to immediately discontinue referring to such website in future auctions. Failure to do so will lead to revocation of their account.

Buyers agree to pay for items won within a reasonable period of time, and Sellers agree to ship the items in the condition described within a reasonable period of time.

Sellers may not bid on their own auctions, nor have friends, family members or any other third party bid on their items on their behalf with the intent of increasing the price of an auction. Sellers determined by GingerLynnAuction.com at its sole discretion to have engaged in this type of behavior may have their accounts revoked.

Direct negotiations or sales between a seller and buyer for an item listed on the site is not allowed. Buyers or Sellers determined by GingerLynnAuctions.com at its sole discretion to have engaged in such practice may have their accounts suspended or revoked.

A completed auction is a binding contract between buyers and sellers.

Unless noted otherwise, items purchased are shipped at the sole risk of the PURCHASER, and purchaser agrees to holdharmless sellers and GingerLynnAuctions.com, its owners, affiliates or individuals associated with GingerLynnAuctions.com from any and all disputes, losses or claims incurred as a result of any and all issues or problems with shipping. If Purchaser desires to purchase insurance for items won prior to shipment they agree to notify seller in advance of shipping to arrange for payment of insurance costs directly with the seller. 

This site is not for the offer of personal sexual services of any type. Please do not post auctions, advertisements, or offers of sexual services on this site. Members found posting such offers will have their auctions removed, and their member account closed.

You must be 18 years of age to register.

Users that have provided a credit card in their user profile agree that upon the succussful completion of an auction, they agree that GingerLynnAuctions may automatically charge their credit card for the total price, including shipping and taxes if applicable, of the auction they have won.

 All items listed for sale must comply with all applicable requirements of Title 18 U.S.C., Section 2257 and 28 C.F.R. 75.1, regarding maintenance of performer identification records.

Sellers must legally be able to sell any item listed for sale. You may only list items that comply with any and all applicable laws. Ginger Lynn Auctions is not responsible for the items being sold by users.

The site may not be used for any illegal or fraudulent purposes.

Buyers and Sellers agree to hold harmless GingerLynnAuctions.com, its owners, affiliates or individuals associated with GingerLynnAuctions.com from any and all disputes, losses or claims incurred as a result of participation on the site.



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